Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd. has three arms in Information Technology, " IT Consultancy, " IT Solutions, " IT Services. In IT Consultancy we provide business management solutions, efficiency improvement software, IT Infrastructure planning, strategic designing & planning while, In IT Solutions we provide several customized and ready solutions like web based ERP, free ERP , free CRM,web based CRM, web based DMS (Document Management System. ), web based eCTD ( electronic Common Technical Document), Software development, Web development & design, web-site designing, E-commerce applications, etc while, In IT Services we provide complete 360 degree IT Care of all your IT Components of PC (Personal Computers), Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Workstations, Network management, IT security, Anti-virus & Firewall Issues, Back-up and network storage and many such IT enabled services. We also under take AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for your IT Infrastructure.

Cursive Technologies
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Web based eCTD
Electronic Common Technical Document
17/07/09 - Celebrated Anniversary of Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd.

01/02/10 - Launched 3rd version of Cursive Web Based ERP

01/02/10 - Launched 4th Version of Cursive Web Based CRM.

Celebration of Republic Day

Training on Struts And Hibernate

Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd helps to turn your business into success by placing right solution and/or services at the right place. CURSIVE TECHNOLOGIES -  IT CONSULTANCY - HOME In today’s era of competition and technology every industry needs to be geared with IT, but right pair of shoes for right pair of legs is what we consult you and thus your decisions to acquire technology or upgrade becomes a great decision after having some consultation in all terms.

Even for some of our clients we have studied their business process and technology needs and altogether have partnered to them for providing the best solution and service and it all came with good consultation to start with.
We help you Plan and Decide which solution will do most, we will help you know which solution can give 100% productivity and what other reforms can improve business and also carry out most success in Information Technology.
  • • Business Management Software
    Every Business needs management, but not all management solutions guides you to success, we at Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd will drive you into a larger spectrum of solutions and services with which you can select the right Business Management Software for your business needs.
  • • IT Infrastructure Management
    No solution or service works to perfection if the underlying Infrastructure is inappropriate. “Inappropriate” by itself is very confusing, so most of the people end up buying either too more or too less. We help you cross this confusion and suggest you several options showing you best, better and good.
  • • IT Security Management
    IT security is not hype but reality; several reports suggest there are very poor standards of security followed all over and moreover security is not a one time vaccine but regular dose with key measures of prevention. We help you learn more about security and provide “Standard Operating Procedures”, to overcome security concerns with very little change.
  • • Efficiency Improvement Software
    All know consistent performance and efficiency are only reasons to bring good and certain profits in business. In today’s era, all of us highly and rightly depend on technology to improve performance and efficiency. Understanding this concept we have developed “frame-works” which can be implemented as per your business needs to provide right efficiency improvement parameters.