Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd. has three arms in Information Technology, " IT Consultancy, " IT Solutions, " IT Services. In IT Consultancy we provide business management solutions, efficiency improvement software, IT Infrastructure planning, strategic designing & planning while, In IT Solutions we provide several customized and ready solutions like web based ERP, free ERP , free CRM,web based CRM, web based DMS (Document Management System. ), web based eCTD ( electronic Common Technical Document), Software development, Web development & design, web-site designing, E-commerce applications, etc while, In IT Services we provide complete 360 degree IT Care of all your IT Components of PC (Personal Computers), Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Workstations, Network management, IT security, Anti-virus & Firewall Issues, Back-up and network storage and many such IT enabled services. We also under take AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for your IT Infrastructure.

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Web based eCTD
Electronic Common Technical Document
17/07/09 - Celebrated Anniversary of Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd.

01/02/10 - Launched 3rd version of Cursive Web Based ERP

01/02/10 - Launched 4th Version of Cursive Web Based CRM.

Celebration of Republic Day

Training on Struts And Hibernate

IT Data Management Services
In Information Technology domain, most important is “Data”. Data in real world can be called as files, databases, back-ups, mails, software storage points, etc. This data is almost life of IT and we at Cursive Technologies provide you with the solution to manage it.
In IT Data Management our experts lead your path of data storage and arrangements, we make provision and apply security roles so that your data in under controlled access and is always monitored. Along with these we provide you with the provision of accessing data from every node along with regular back-ups and synchronizations.
We also provide Extract Transform & Load (ETL ) facility for you data to preserve it in a warehouse and analytics can be done on it as and when required. This gives you a great advantage by focusing your time on crucial analysis rather than the back office work of managing it. We maintain complete secrecy of client documents and make sure that every lock is closed and monitored with open eyes.
We also provide manual and automated back-up facility to preserve and isolate the data, the storage service we provide is very simple and easy to use. Whenever you have back-up you must also test that it will surely be restored when required. This test and checking of restoring the back-up is also provided by experts from Cursive Technologies
We also take into account the frequency, cost, priority and other factors which are deciding for any data storage, back-up and restores. We work 24x7 on managing and documenting the data and provide logs, reports & statistics over it, we strive hard to serve you the best quality required data within no time, we our search and storage mechanisms.
We optimize and arrange you data so that you can always get the right data in right time. Anything you want we can facilitate the customization and provide you concealed solution with our Data Management Service