Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd. has three arms in Information Technology, " IT Consultancy, " IT Solutions, " IT Services. In IT Consultancy we provide business management solutions, efficiency improvement software, IT Infrastructure planning, strategic designing & planning while, In IT Solutions we provide several customized and ready solutions like web based ERP, free ERP , free CRM,web based CRM, web based DMS (Document Management System. ), web based eCTD ( electronic Common Technical Document), Software development, Web development & design, web-site designing, E-commerce applications, etc while, In IT Services we provide complete 360 degree IT Care of all your IT Components of PC (Personal Computers), Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Workstations, Network management, IT security, Anti-virus & Firewall Issues, Back-up and network storage and many such IT enabled services. We also under take AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for your IT Infrastructure.

Cursive Technologies
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Web based eCTD
Electronic Common Technical Document
17/07/09 - Celebrated Anniversary of Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd.

01/02/10 - Launched 3rd version of Cursive Web Based ERP

01/02/10 - Launched 4th Version of Cursive Web Based CRM.

Celebration of Republic Day

Training on Struts And Hibernate

IT Infrastructure Management (IT Asset Management Services)
Cursive Technologies private limited has a expert team who can handle and support all the services you require for IT Management from Hardware to software, and from back-ups to networking problems. We take contract based management and even tickect based management for any of the following:

  • • Servers
  • • Desktops
  • • Work stations
  • • Laptops
  • • Operating System issues
  • • Server System
  • • Security Audits
  • • Virus or Spam problems
  • • Regular Maintenance
  • • AMC-Annual Maintenance Contracts
  • • Firewall, IPS, IDS, Gateway level security
  • • Networking compenents management like routers, switches, hubs
  • • Wired & Wireless network management
We also take SLA level contracts where-in we provide intensive mangement of your IT Assests like our own baby and provide you 99% uptime on any of your IT Component.