Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd. has three arms in Information Technology, " IT Consultancy, " IT Solutions, " IT Services. In IT Consultancy we provide business management solutions, efficiency improvement software, IT Infrastructure planning, strategic designing & planning while, In IT Solutions we provide several customized and ready solutions like web based ERP, free ERP , free CRM,web based CRM, web based DMS (Document Management System. ), web based eCTD ( electronic Common Technical Document), Software development, Web development & design, web-site designing, E-commerce applications, etc while, In IT Services we provide complete 360 degree IT Care of all your IT Components of PC (Personal Computers), Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Workstations, Network management, IT security, Anti-virus & Firewall Issues, Back-up and network storage and many such IT enabled services. We also under take AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for your IT Infrastructure.

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Web based eCTD
Electronic Common Technical Document
17/07/09 - Celebrated Anniversary of Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd.

01/02/10 - Launched 3rd version of Cursive Web Based ERP

01/02/10 - Launched 4th Version of Cursive Web Based CRM.

Celebration of Republic Day

Training on Struts And Hibernate

Web based CRM
Cursive Technologies provides best in class web based CRM for its clients, but certainly one must know well before why use a CRM.
CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software is a software package for essentially storing customer related information. So necessarily CRM must support all the information capturing for your customers and secondly but foremost important is when you have the information it must be available to you in the form of reports for analysis and introspection. Third and the last thing is help you with sales-force, marketing-force and service-force automation, by this we mean to carry some tasks on behalf of you and help you gain over competition.
Some important benefits that you can have when you are powered with CRM, like Cursive’s Web based CRM are underlined here :
  • • Capture all information of customers and store it in desired formats.
  • • Create and execute campaigns to more perfection and have a fair brand advertisement.
  • • Create more leads or enquiries by campaigns.
  • • Better Enquiry follow-ups.
  • • Manage more leads/enquiries and gain more success.
  • • Create more opportunities by recording all customer conversations.
  • • Auto-tasks and reminders will help timely follow-up.
  • • Maintain records of samples, trials and demos given to customer.
  • • Record customer feedback for samples, trials and demos.
  • • Develop healthy relationships by maintaining multiple customer contact details per customer.
  • • Auto track orders for sales and get focus for hot cases.
  • • Be best in helping customer by wonderful customer support model.
  • • Support based per ticket and service based per contract.
  • • Assign support request and closing deadlines.
  • • Assign multiple support request per trouble ticket.
  • • An inbuilt task and case management system.
  • • Calendar and shared events for synchronization among sales team.
  • • Make more sales and have better customer relationship with Cursive web based CRM.