Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd. has three arms in Information Technology, " IT Consultancy, " IT Solutions, " IT Services. In IT Consultancy we provide business management solutions, efficiency improvement software, IT Infrastructure planning, strategic designing & planning while, In IT Solutions we provide several customized and ready solutions like web based ERP, free ERP , free CRM,web based CRM, web based DMS (Document Management System. ), web based eCTD ( electronic Common Technical Document), Software development, Web development & design, web-site designing, E-commerce applications, etc while, In IT Services we provide complete 360 degree IT Care of all your IT Components of PC (Personal Computers), Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Workstations, Network management, IT security, Anti-virus & Firewall Issues, Back-up and network storage and many such IT enabled services. We also under take AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) for your IT Infrastructure.

Cursive Technologies
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Web based eCTD
Electronic Common Technical Document
17/07/09 - Celebrated Anniversary of Cursive Technologies Pvt Ltd.

01/02/10 - Launched 3rd version of Cursive Web Based ERP

01/02/10 - Launched 4th Version of Cursive Web Based CRM.

Celebration of Republic Day

Training on Struts And Hibernate

IT Solutions
These are the solutions that we have developed after a huge research, closely studying the requirements of several industries in several segments, also analyzing current trends and coming up with great ideas to tackle problems that we faced by similar range of products in near past. Altogether we have bundled our experience and common industry requirements into package which are easier to deploy, learn, operate and gain expertise.
These are the solutions which are not generic in nature and need some modification or complete new design. Such solutions need better understanding of the requirements, highly dependable design, justified prototypes, plenty of hard work in development, testing and rigorous implementation.
  • • Tailor Made Software for your requirements.
  • • Web Designing & Web Development.
  • • E-Commerce applications.
  • • Portal developments & E-Commerce Sites.
  • • Re-engineering your existing systems.
These are practically more generic solutions from industry giants which need great expertise in deployment.
  • • Servers & Desktops
  • • Network Solutions
  • • Server & Client Operating Systems
  • • Software from other providers
  • • Router, Gateway & Firewall deployments
  • • Anti-virus & security solution deployments